Project EQ

Finding out your Environmental Quotient

Project EQ was a group project from the final year of my University course. The project revolved around an app which was designed to raise awareness about the environment by collecting data about what people thought the situation was and then compare this to the reality. The idea behind this was to get people thinking about whether they were doing enough or if they were aware of how bad the situation could be. The project comes in the form of an app, built in PhoneGap, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. A user can use the app to answer a number of questions about the environment based on 4 categories (Atmosphere, Ground, Sea and Subsurface). Once the user has answered all the questions in one or all of these categories they can then sign into the site and see their data compared to what other people think and also what the reality is. The project has received a lot of positive feedback and is still available on the app store for anyone to try out.

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