Privacy Buddy

Could your phone be watching you?

The Privacy Buddy project was the main element of my Final Year Project for my degree. The idea behind the project was to investigate how people would react to the idea that their phones and the apps they download onto their phones could be tracking them and collecting their data.
The project came in the form of an app which once downloaded would start to collect data about a users location as well as using the camera to take an mage every 30 seconds. The user can then visit the projects website and scan a QR code to see what information has been collected about them. They can also see what images have been taken during the day and are presented with a photo-mosaic portrait of themselves made up of these images.
The app was built using PhoneGap and I also wanted to use this project to prove that it was possible for an app to collect this sort of information without a users knowledge although I did find with more recent versions of Android, that they were cutting back and making it more difficult for app developers to collect this sort of data.

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